Class 1 Work Grant

Unemployed Albertans have an opportunity to start careers as commercial truck drivers through the new Driving Back to Work Grant Program.

Unemployed Albertans can access funding to take the Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT) program to earn a Class 1 driver’s licence.

This grant will help to fill an expected shortage of commercial drivers, forecast to be more than 12% by 2023, putting the province’s supply chain at risk. This grant supports Alberta’s Recovery Plan.

The objective of the program is to help more Albertans become Class 1 drivers. This will help support the economy by keeping the province’s supply chain open by ensuring an adequate number of Class 1 drivers are available.

The Driving Back to Work Grant is administered by Manpower Services, Ballad Consulting Group, and driver training schools and financially supported by the Government of Alberta.

Grant Requirements

You must complete the following by March 31, 2021 in order to get a Class 1 driver’s licence:

  • Air Brake Program
  • Air Brake Knowledge Test
  • Class 1 Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT) Program
  • Class 1 MELT Knowledge Test
  • Class 1 MELT Road Test

Funding Highlights as below:

Grant recipients will receive one-time funding (Approximately $ 8900.00) for the eligible candidates:

Recipients cannot reapply for the grant for subsequent training and testing attempts. You are required to cover the costs of:

  • an Alberta driver’s medical examination report
  • an Air Brake Knowledge Test
  • the Class 1 Knowledge Test

Funding is distributed directly to the driver training school providing the driver training. Grant recipients do not receive any funding directly.

Important links as follows:
Apply Here:

How to Apply

Step 1. Read the Driving Back to Work Grant Program Applicant Guide

You will have until March 1, 2021 to apply for the Driving Back to Work Grant.

Step 2. Submit the Driving Back to Work Grant Application

You have until March 1, 2021 to complete the application form and submit to Manpower Services.

You can submit the application by:

Step 3. Complete phone call to discuss your grant eligibility

Manpower Services will call you using the contact information provided on the application form, usually the same day as the application is received.

Step 4. Complete an interview to assess your grant eligibility

Manpower Services will schedule interviews during the phone call with you. Interviews will occur virtually or in-person.

Step 5. Receive a preliminary approval email

Manpower Services will send a preliminary approval letter by email.

If you are not eligible based on the application, you will receive an email indicating that you are not eligible, rather than a preliminary approval letter.

Step 6. Submit results of driver medical examination

You must get a driver medical exam by a licensed physician or nurse practitioner and submit the results to Manpower Services by email to

This must be done within 15 business days from the date of your approval notification.

If you have a current, satisfactory driver medical examination already approved by Alberta Transportation (such as holds a Class 4 or Class 2 driver’s licence), you will not be required to get another driver medical examination. Manpower Services Ltd. will submit the results of the driver medical examination to Alberta Transportation for review and approval to ensure you are medically fit to drive commercial vehicles in Alberta.

For more information on medical fitness requirements for commercial drivers, visit Commercial drivers and medical fitness.

Step 7. Receive full approval letter for grant funding

Manpower Services will provide the approval letter to the grant applicant. You will need to contact a driver training school registered to accept grant funding to schedule your training.

If the results of the driver medical examination are not satisfactory, you will receive an email notifying you are not approved for the grant.

A list of driver training schools that can accept grant funding (PDF, 794 KB) for training is available.

For questions on the application process and for an update on your application status, please contact Manpower Services by: