Class 1 Program


Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT) for Commercial Drivers *$8500

As of March 1, 2019 the MELT Program is mandatory for all new Class 1 drivers. If you obtained your Class 1 driver’s licence between October 10, 2018 and February 28, 2019 inclusive you must pass the enhanced knowledge and road tests by March 1, 2020.

Class 1 M.E.L.T Program

Including air brake

*$8500 (121.5 Hours of Training) includes:

17.5 Hours in Yard Training
57 Hours Practical in Cab Training
47 Hours in Class Training

Financing and funding are available for those who qualify

Refresher Training:

Driver’s Test Requirement:

A student must successfully complete the Provincial Class 1 Driver’s Exam before they are permitted to take the final road test. This exam may be taken at any Alberta Registry Agent and is available at a cost *$18.00.

Students must also pass the driver’s medical exam for the Class 1 License. This exam may be done by a qualified physician. The price for this exam is set by each individual medical office.

Air Brake Course - $200 :

Air Brake training is available, classes takes place every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

Optional Courses (additional fees):

  • Dangerous Goods – $120
  • Load Securement – $120
  • Log Books – Hours of Service – $120
  • Road Management – $120
  • Fatigue Management – $120

Driver’s Medical Exam

Driver’s Medical Exam is Required

Written/Knowledge Test

To take your Class 1 or 3 written/knowledge test, you need to study road signs and parking distances in the Basic License Handbook. You also need to study the Professional Driver’s Handbook.

For a Class 1 knowledge test, you must study the Class 1 and Class 2 sections as you will be able to drive a bus with 10 or more passengers. You also need to study the section regarding trailers.

For Class 3, please study the Class 3 section only. You do not have to study trailers or buses, but everything else should be studied.

We have these books in our office, and you can access this information online at

This test can be taken at any Alberta registry office and is valid for one year from the date on the permit. The cost is approximately $18.00.

If you want to attain an Alberta class 1, class 2, class 3, or class 4 Commercial Operator’s Licence, it is required that you first pass the Alberta commercial driver’s licence knowledge test; therefore, it is important to prepare. To upgrade an operator’s licence, you will need to pass a commercial knowledge test, please visit for practice exams and please be sure to click on the Commercial Test and the Alberta link.